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Battenburg Lace Doilies.
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PA Square doilies

dynasty round

dynasty square

Emerald round

happy heart round

happy hearts large

happy heart 12"

Christina Square

battenburg Lace round

Christina 6"

Fancy Belgium 4"

Christina 6" Rd

Square doilies.

Sun Flower Crochet

PA 4" round

PA square 5"

Sun flower 4"

Sun flower 16" rd.

Sun Flower 6" Sq.

Dynasty 6"x9"

Irish 6"x9"

PA Square 7"

Sun Flower Crochet

Happy Heart 12 Rd

Irish 6" sq. Black

PA Battenburg Lace

Battenburg 16" Rd

Sun Flower Square

Sun Flower Round

Sun Flower Crochet

Irish 4x7"

Southern Heart

SF Crochet 8"

Fancy Belgium 8"








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